Adele's of Hollywood has costumes for sale near Los Angeles.

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Adele's of Hollywood
Costumes for all occasions
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We never stop making suits. Order yours now. We are currently requiring 3 to 4 weeks to complete an order.
Need it faster? Call us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

We've been in the Santa Claus Business for over 40 years. Catering to Shopping Centers, Individuals, and the many professional Photography Companies Around the world. All of our Custom/Professional Santa Claus suits are made out of the finest velvet or wool, and lined with a luxurious satin. Each with 5 inches of faux fur trim.

Professional Santa Claus Royal Robe Sequin Snowflake Professional Santa Claus Royal Robe Sequin Snowflake Back
In Stock/Ready To Ship
professional, adele's santa claus suit, traditional style, rich velvet professional, adele's santa claus suit, coca cola style, rich velvet
Custom Santa Suits and Mrs. Claus
Professional santa claus vest gold holly professional red satin santa claus shirt
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Pre-Fabricated/Economy Santa and Mrs. Claus
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5034 Hollywood Blvd.   Hollywood, CA 90027
Ph: (323) 663-2231   Fx: (323) 663-2232

Costumes for all occasions

 Superhero Wardrobe  We have costumes for all occasions: Leprechaun, Purim, Easter Bunny, Uncle Sam, Halloween, and Christmas we have all your Holidays covered. We Specialize in Professional quality, custom made Santa Claus Suits and Mrs. Claus Dresses.

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