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These Adele's Vests and Shirts are perfect for creating a casual, cool, and more comfortable Santa Claus. They are great paired with our Professional Quality Santa Claus Suits, Royal Robes, and Continental Coats.

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Click on the below pictures to enlarge

santa claus material red satin rose brocade   santa claus vest red satin rose brocade
Red Satin Rose

Santa Claus Material Red Satin Velvet Rose   Santa Claus Vest Red Satin Velvet Rose
Red Satin velvet Rose

santa claus material red and silver sequin   santa claus vest red and silver sequin
Red and Silver Sequin

santa claus matrial red velvet with silver waves   santa claus vest red velvet with silver waves
Red Velvet/Silver Waves

 patriotic santa claus material red white and blue ribbons   patriotic santa claus vest red white and blue ribbons
Red White and Blue Ribbon

santa claus material reindeer rudolph and candy canes   santa claus vest reindeer rudolph and candy canes
Rudolph In Candy Canes

santa claus material reindeer rudolph snowflake   santa claus vest reindeer rudolph snowflake
Reindeers In The Snow

santa claus material reindeer and nutcrackers   santa claus vest reindeer and nutcrackers
Nutcrackers/Rocking Horse Print

santa claus material red velvet with holly vines   santa claus vest red velvet with holly vines
Red Velvet With Holly Vines

santa claus material rudolph and christmas lights   santa claus vest rudolph and christmas lights
Rudolph and Christmas Lights

santa claus material tiny santas and candy canes   santa claus short sleeve shirt tiny santas and candy canes
Tiny Santas

santa claus material santa faces in red   santa claus vest santa faces in red
Santa Faces Red

santa claus material ginger bread and snowman   santa claus vest ginger bread and snowman
Dark Blue Christmas Print

santa claus material merry christmas and gifts   santa claus long sleeve shirt merry christmas and gifts
Merry Christmas Santa

santa claus material santas of the world   santa claus vest santas of the world
Santas Of The World

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Page 4 Vests and Shirts

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Costumes for all occasions

 Superhero Wardrobe  We have costumes for all occasions: Leprechaun, Purim, Easter Bunny, Uncle Sam, Halloween, and Christmas we have all your Holidays covered. We Specialize in Professional quality, custom made Santa Claus Suits and Mrs. Claus Dresses.

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