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Patriotic Santa Claus Suit/Stars And Stripes Jacket

Professional Adele's Wardrobe

Price - $699.00+tax and shipping
Sized for 2XL Tall

This Traditional Patriotic Santa Claus Suit is made to fit a taller Santa. The length of the jacket is 41" and is a 2X.

What's Included
  • Traditional Style Stars and Stripes Jacket
  • Matching Stars and Stripes Hat
  • Cardinal Red Velvet Pants
  • White Cotton Gloves
  • 1 Pair of Fur Cuffs
  • Economy Belt(not pictured)

  • Optional Extras and Accessories Pictured
  • Boots with Attached Fur Cuffs(Shop Here)
  • Wig and Beard Set(Shop Here)
  • Holly Buckle Belt

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    • Patriotic Santa Claus Suit

    • Patriotic Santa Claus Suit