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Pre-Fabricated Santa, Mrs. Claus, and their Elves

These suits are not Custom made by Adele's of Hollywood and range in quality from Economy to semi-professional.

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Click on the below pictures to enlarge

Super Deluxe Santa Claus Suit Rubies 2354
Super Deluxe Velvet Santa Claus(RBS)
   Deluxe Velveteen Santa Claus Suit Rubies 2353
Deluxe Velveteen Suit (RBS)
   Deluxe Ultra Velvet by Rubie's 23362
Deluxe Ultra Velvet(RBS)
   Old World Santa Claus Suit by Fun World 7507
Old World Santa Claus Suit

Economy Flannel santa claus Suit by fun world
Economy Flannel Suit (FW)
   Economy Velvet Santa Suit by Fun World
Economy Velvet Santa Suit (FW)
   Economy Regency Plush Santa Suit by Rubie's
Economy Regency Plush Santa Suit(FW)
   Economy Mrs. Claus Dress by Fun World
Economy Mrs. Claus Dress (FW)

Ultra Velvet Santa Claus Suit 7505 7515 7545 by fun world
Ultra Velvet Santa Claus Suit(FW)
   Velvet Mrs. Claus by Fun World
Velvet Mrs. Claus (FW)
   Premium Classic Santa Claus Suit Forum 74138 74139
Premium Classic Santa Claus Suit(FRM)
   Premium Classic Mrs. Claus by Forum
Premium Classic Mrs. Claus(FRM)
Elegant Mrs. Claus by Fun World 7305
Elegant Mrs. Claus (FW)
   Simply Elf Costume by Forum 62595
Simply Elf(Unisex)(FRM)
   Jolly Elf Unisex Costume by Forum 65451
Jolly Elf(Unisex)(FRM)
   Felt Elf Set Costume by Fun World
Elf Set(Unisex) (FW)

Complete Elf by Fun World
Complete Elf (FW)
   Christmas Elf Red and Green Rasta Imposta 7113
Christmas Elf
   Toy Maker Elf by Forum 73920
Toy Maker Elf(FRM)
   Buddy The Elf by Rubie's 880419 16894
Buddy the Elf(RBS)

Wisemen Red by Fun World
The Three Wisemen

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Ph: (323) 663-2231   Fx: (323) 663-2232

Costumes for all occasions

 Superhero Wardrobe  We have costumes for all occasions: Leprechaun, Purim, Easter Bunny, Uncle Sam, Halloween, and Christmas we have all your Holidays covered. We Specialize in Professional quality, custom made Santa Claus Suits and Mrs. Claus Dresses.

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